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Update from our fruit tree project in Punjab

from Kira Schubert 29 March 2023 |

Our Chief Transparency Officer @Hannah Schragmann has just returned from India where she visited our project partner in Punjab, India and shared the importance of the project. 

Sustainable Corporate Gifts: 7 reasons to gift trees with Grow My Tree

from Ajmal Shaik 21 November 2022 |

Whether it is for company events,Christmas and new year gifts, work anniversaries, or employee appreciation, incorporating tree-planting is something that businesses should think carefully about.

Why trust is one of our core values

from Hannah Schragmann 14 October 2022 |

Today, we would like to shed some light on the question of how important transparency and trust is for us. Trust is one of the core values we stand for - one which is incredibly important to all our customers, bothprivate andcorporate. Within the tree-planting sector, many insecurities circulate, not least because of negative headlines and misconduct of some players. Scandals around double-counting or unsustainable mono-culture projects are damaging for the whole sector and undermine trust for an activity which plays a crucial role in the fight against climate change and for a more just world. Many therefore ask us what we think about such problems and how we can make sure that such issues do not happen in our projects.

How green gifting can transform our way of living

from Hannah Schragmann 23 September 2022 |

When does the Christmas season begin for you? When the shops start to sell Quality Street? Or when you open the first Advent calendar? For me, it's just before the first Sunday of Advent, when I put up the Advent wreath together with my family. However, in Germany, the start of the 35th calendar week already marks the official opening of the commercial Christmas season. This means that the Christmas goods for this season have already started to arrive on the supermarket shelves. Pretty early, isn't it?

We have become tree-‘millionaires’! | Impact Report 2022

from Hannah Schragmann 25 July 2022 |

Thanks to you, we made it: We have become tree-‘millionaires’ with more than 1 Million trees planted since our kick-off in 2020! That is a huge milestone which we could not have achieved without you in these short 18 months - and the connected impact is incredible.

Go beyond trees - boost your impact by cleaning up plastic waste

from Hannah Schragmann 19 July 2022 |

By now you know that as a team the reforestation projects we support, not only fight climate change but also help local communities and marginalized groups to have a sustainable long-term income. Since our impact with planting trees has been amazing, we decided to use our network and customer base to move beyond trees and create even greater impact! This is why we now started to tackle one of the most important environmental issues we are currently dealing with - plastic pollution.

How to Make your Friends Care about the Environment

from Claudia Goetz 21 June 2022 |

Sharing passions or hobbies with friends is special. It brings us closer together, which is why we want to make our loved ones care about our interests. However, as environmental enthusiasts, this can be a bit tricky.

Update from the field: Planting season in Tanzania!

from Hannah Schragmann 03 May 2022 |

After Covid delayed the planned journey for quite some time, we are now happy and excited to share with you some insights and stories from our recent trip to Tanzania! We were able to visit two of our project partners during the beginning of the rainy season - which was perfect timing because rain means planting time!

The IPCC report highlights: We need to restore our forests now!

from Hannah Schragmann 24 April 2022 |

Today we want to share with you some of the important take-home messages from the 6th IPCC report, focused on the mitigation of climatechange.

How Grow My Tree leverages AI & satellite technology to improve carbon sequestration of tree-planting

from Hannah Schragmann 31 March 2022 |

In this blog post, we would love to give you some insights into our recent collaboration with CarbonSpace to measure and optimize the carbon impact of our projects.

Our first pilot project in India

from Hannah Schragmann 15 November 2021 |

In this blog post we are happy to present our first pilot project to you. This project is being implemented in northern India in the municipality of Abohar and other neighboring villages in the Indian states of Rajasthan and Punjab. The latest IPCC report shows India needs to make drastic changes, including reducing carbon emissions, to prevent climate catastrophe. At the same time, poverty and a lack of start-up capital keep the farmers trapped in a vicious circle. So our GROW MY TREE team saw this as an opportunity to expand our roots there. 

After one year of operations, it's time to reflect: Impact Report | November 2021

from Hannah Schragmann 02 November 2021 |

After one year of operations, it’s time to reflect. Our Impact Report for the 2020 - 2021 season is finally here and we are excited to share with you the lasting differences we have made together as a community. ZSome key statistics that we can take from our Impact Report include that since the launch of our ever growing community we have planted over 300.000 trees . This means that more than 6.600 tons of CO2 will be sequestered year over year more than 3.000 hours of work have been provided in the Global South, more than 450 hours of education have been provided and 1,5 million m² of land restored