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A reaction to the IPCC Report: Our planet needs green help

from Hannah Schragmann 16 August 2021 |

The fact that forests are burning and thus even more of the CO2 stored in trees is being released into the atmosphere is nothing short of an environmental disaster. Not only are forest fires depriving us of much needed carbon sinks, they are even turning the large areas of forest into carbon emitters. What does this mean for planting trees to combat climate change? Is planting trees even worth it now?

Your tree godchild – a social wonder

from Hannah Schragmann 29 July 2021 |

Trees as "giants" of the plant world belong to the flora in standard categorization, whereas animals belong to the fauna. A tree is categorised as a species by the structure of its roots, trunk and crown. But what exactly distinguishes flora from fauna? The latest research results show that many boundaries become blurred, upon closer inspection. For plants, and especially trees, possess their own form of social intelligence: they communicate with each other, they support each other and yes, they even react to touch.

Why your tree is a gift to the environment

from Hannah Schragmann 02 July 2021 |

Yes, we always talk about trees! And yet, in truth, it is never just about the individual tree, but about something much larger: the restoration of an entire ecosystem. A healthy ecosystem strengthens and sustains itself through circular processes and symbiotic relationships. So a tree, in a community of other trees, initiates a process that in the long run not only improves soil, water access and air quality, but can decisively shape the living conditions for humans and animals. To create such a cycle, a tree-planting project must take into consideration more than "just" the tree.

Your impact around the world - where your trees are growing & changing lives

from Hannah Schragmann 26 May 2021 | 1 comment

In this blog post, we’re really excited to introduce you to our partner organisations that do the hard work for us on the ground in Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, Ethiopia, Malawi, Uganda and Tanzania.

BeGreen when shopping

from Nadja Wendenburg 11 November 2020 |

When shopping you can drastically reduce the amount of waste with a few simple tricks - without much effort :)