In memory of a special person, to celebrate an anniversary or just to say "thank you". Give away a tree and use it to celebrate the special bond between you and a loved one.

You can of course personalize and individually design your tree gift yourself. It's much nicer anyway :) We have put together a few ideas for you. Just let yourself be inspired:

Make a sensible gift without a lot of garbage

Some people consciously want to forego gifts and prefer to support an environmental project. With the planting of trees you have found the ideal zero waste gift for your special someone. To do this, you neutralize its carbon footprint - a gift to everyone, our world and a common future.

Gift a tree

Tips for an unforgettable tree gift

  • Write a card with a matching tree quote
  • Combine your tree gift with a lasting surprise:
    • A plant: cactus, houseplant or herb pot
    • Something homemade: pesto, jam or cookies
    • A voucher for a joint adventure: sports event, hike, pottery course or Artnight
  • Tie a bow around your card and add a dried flower or fresh greens from the garden.