With GROW MY TREE we want to encourage you to do a lot of good with little money and little effort.

We firmly believe that we can all make a big contribution in everyday life through many small things: eat less meat and more regional vegetables, travel by train instead of taking the plane, leave the car behind and cycle, consume more consciously and less - and of course: plant trees!

In addition to GROW MY TREE, we have other sustainability projects with which we want to make this planet greener! Be there, we look forward to having you on board.

This is us - Nadja, Philipp & Marcus

And we love trees! Trees have a calming and balancing effect on us and they beautify our environment. And that's not all: trees provide a habitat for many animals, even in the cities in which we live. But you don't see their most remarkable property: trees bind CO2. And that makes them superheroes for us in the fight against global warming.

Maybe you are like us, and you want to make your contribution - but don't always know how? That's why we founded GROW MY TREE. We have made it our mission to give you the opportunity to plant trees very easily and cheaply - only in this way is it possible in our eyes to make a maximum contribution against climate change together.

We look forward to infecting you with our enthusiasm for trees! Do you have any questions or ideas?

Please contact us!