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Mission & Impact

With GROW MY TREE we want to encourage you to do a lot of good, in an affordable and simple manner.

We firmly believe that we can all make a big contribution in our everyday life to live sustainably through little actions such as: eating less meat and more regional vegetables, traveling by train instead of taking the plane, leaving the car behind and cycling, consuming more consciously and less - and of course: planting trees!

With your help, major impact happens. Your support since launch has changed lives.

Our GROW MY TREE methodology
Tanzania team trip: March, 2022

This is us

We are a team of diverse, international, and compassionate people. We love trees and would love to inspire you with our passion.


And this is also us

Our work would not be possible without the people doing the hard work on site. From planting the seedlings to monitoring tree growing progress, they are the real heroes out there. A big thank you to everyone involved!

Voices from the ground

The people here love their tree planting work. The work is making lasting changes to communities and raising awareness of the importance of good conservation.

Khalifa Mganga
Planting Officer, Tanzania

I love working with nature. Thanks to this work I can finally start saving for my own house.

Sanura Rajab Karata
Worker in a tree nursery, Korogwe, Tanzania

Life is not easy as a farmer in India. The possibility of diversifying one's production by introducing agroforestry products such as fruit trees changes the game and opens up new perspectives.

Bhaga Ram
Farmer, Dharampura, India

Our Impact Brain Board

Our Impact Brain Board consists of experts from various fields like Ecology, Ethics, Regenerative business, Investment and Circular Economy. Our advisors review our work, help us to stay on top of scientific and technological developments, shape our strategy and identify potential risks of our business.

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Our Advisors