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Mission & Impact

With GROW MY TREE we want to encourage you to do a lot of good, in an affordable and simple manner.

We firmly believe that we can all make a big contribution in our everyday life to live sustainably through little actions such as: eating less meat and more regional vegetables, traveling by train instead of taking the plane, leaving the car behind and cycling, consuming more consciously and less - and of course: planting trees!

With your help, major impact happens. Your support since launch has changed lives.

Our GROW MY TREE methodology
Tanzania team trip: March, 2022

This is us

And we love trees! Trees have a calming and balancing effect on us and they beautify our environment. And that's not all: trees provide a habitat for many animals, even in the cities that we live in. But you don't see their most remarkable property: trees bind CO2. And that makes them superheroes for us in the fight against global warming.

Maybe you are like us, and you want to make a contribution - but don't always know how? That's why we founded GROW MY TREE. We made it our mission to give you the opportunity to plant trees very easily and affordably - we believe that together we can make a maximum contribution against climate change.

We look forward to infecting you with our enthusiasm for trees! Do you have any questions or ideas?

Please contact us!

And this is also us

Our work would not be possible without the many great women and men who do the hard work on site! It is they who take care of the seedlings in the nurseries, prepare the planting sites, plant the trees and monitor the progress of the growing forests. A big thank you to everyone involved!

Voices from the ground

The people here love their tree planting work. The work is making lasting changes to communities and raising awareness of the importance of good conservation.

Khalifa Mganga
Planting Officer, Tanzania

I love working with nature. Thanks to this work I can finally start saving for my own house.

Sanura Rajab Karata
Worker in a tree nursery, Korogwe, Tanzania

Life is not easy as a farmer in India. The possibility of diversifying one's production by introducing agroforestry products such as fruit trees changes the game and opens up new perspectives.

Bhaga Ram
Farmer, Dharampura, India

Our Advisors

Our Angels

Thank you for your support!