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GROW MY TREE plants species-rich mixed forests, the majority of which are suitable for the location native tree species consist. Thus become Trees plantedthat would naturally also occur at the planting site.

Unfortunately, this is difficult to answer across the board - on the one hand, because different tree species bind different amounts of carbon and on the other hand, because trees bind different amounts of carbon at different stages of development.

In the first few years, the young trees initially absorb relatively little CO2. But as soon as they grow in height, a lot of CO2 is absorbed. The amounts vary depending on the type of tree, light intensity, water and nutrient availability of the location, etc. The older trees get, the more biomass is created, but at the same time they also lose leaves and branches, and of course individual trees can also die, so that a certain amount CO2 is released again. Meanwhile, new trees grow back naturally, so that an equilibrium is created in the forest over the course of time and the biomass can be used to precisely determine how much CO2 is bound in the forest. The creation of permanent forests is always the goal of our projects.

The specification of the absorption capacity of a tree is therefore always only a rough average value. As a rule of thumb, it can be said that a tree absorbs an average of 22 kg of CO2 per year. For projects near the equator, e.g. Nicaragua, this value is higher because the trees can grow all year round due to a year-round vegetation period and are not slowed down by the winter, as is the case here in Germany.

Source:European Environmental Agency

We have to mission made it possible for you to plant trees very easily and cheaply - only in this way is it possible in our eyes to be one together maximum contribution against climate change afford to.

For this reason, we do not offer inspection options, tree certificates, photos or the personalization of trees. In order to keep the costs per tree as low as possible for you, we try that whole process, from choosing your option for buying trees to planting the trees as lean as possible.

Our goal is to plant new forests that will remain sustainable and long-term. That's why the Afforestation areas managed according to the principle of sustainability. This means that individual trees are removed and used as a renewable raw material - but never more than can grow back naturally. The natural regeneration capacity of the forest is guaranteed in any case.

The ones bought or given away Trees become the property of whoever made the areas available for the plantings. Your purchase will finance the acquisition and planting of tree saplings as well as the organizational work of GROW MY TREE.

In order to ensure the growth of the small tree saplings and the emergence of a new forest, we work with permanent partners who have many years of experience with reforestation projects. This ensures that small plants between 30 and 100 cm in length can grow for decades - and in this process they constantly break down carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air.

Sure, of course! In our GROW MY TREE blog, on Instagram and Facebookyou will find many valuable tips on how to easily get one in everyday life Contribution to CO2 compensation can afford.

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Basically it is A tree can be used worldwide for offsetting CO2 and protecting the climateregardless of where emissions are caused and emitted.

There are also several reasons why we decided to plant the trees in Asia and Africa. The economic and social leverage is significantly greater here. Local villagers are hired and, if necessary, trained to grow and plant trees for saplings. These are then distributed to the smallholders, who can generate their income through the care and harvest.

We decided against it, to offer you individual photos of the financed trees or to personalize trees with signs, because this would significantly increase the price for the trees planted. We want your contribution to plant a maximum number of trees! You can add the personal touch with a creative card or personal words when giving away - that's much nicer anyway :)

You can find inspiration and tips for giving trees at Give trees as a gift.

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