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10 Gründe für das Verschenken von Bäumen

There are many reasons to give loved ones the planting of trees as a present. We thought about it and put together 10 reasons for you:


1. Your sustainable tree gift does not produce waste.

Some people consciously want to forego gifts and prefer to support an environmental project. With the planting of trees you have found the ideal zero waste gift for your special someone.

2. You are helping the climate, because trees are constantly filtering CO2 from the air.

Giving trees as a present is not only extraordinary, but also a lasting gesture. After all, trees contribute significantly to climate protection at: You absorb CO2 and bind it. This reduces the CO2 content in the atmosphere, which counteracts global warming.

3. Planting trees as a present is meaningful gift.

Giving away a tree is so much more sensible than many other gifts that may be chosen at will and produced under unfair conditions. It is so much nicer to make people happy with a gift that makes sense and has a deeper meaning. 

4. Give away the planting of trees connects and is personal.

Planting a tree stands for bond, love and loyalty. People associate it with stability and growth. It means that you trust in a common future together. You can of course personalize and design your tree gift yourself: Write a card with a suitable tree quote or combine it with a lasting surprise. Your gift will be unforgettable!

5. A tree gift is an investment in the future.

Giving trees as a present is not limited to the moment of giving. The tree has a lifespan of many years and there are so many things trees do for us. In this way, with every tree you give away, you are creating a piece of the future for a long time to come.

6. You are making a valuable contribution to natural reserve.

Trees are nature's mortar. Their roots hold the soil together and prevent erosion and landslides. Tree tops slow the rate at which rainwater reaches the ground. Tree roots serve as channels to suck rainwater deeper into the subsoil, which is then slowly released. Trees prevent flooding.

7. Giving trees for gifts bring joy. 

A tree gift is a great way to give something useful and beautiful at the same time. A wonderful surprise for a person which is close to your heart. However, you don't just bring joy to the recipient: For us humans, forests are an important place where we can enjoy nature and relaxation

8. Your ecological tree gift creates new living space for numerous animals and plants.

Trees help thatbiological Diversity to obtain. Planting trees and forests creates an important habitat for many animals and plant species. 

9. Tree gifts are fair because they create new jobs.

By giving away trees, you strengthen the local population in reforestation areas through active cooperation with smallholders and local agricultural cooperatives. Local villagers are hired and trained to plant trees. The farmers can earn their own living in the long term from the yields from the trees.

10. A tree gift is a present for all people and for our planet.

By giving away trees, you are making a big contribution to stopping climate change and inspiring other people to lead a more sustainable life together by planting more trees.


Do you know any other reasons for giving away trees? Write in the comments!

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29 July, 2021


Weil es einfach fair ist. Wir können uns nicht nur an den Ressourcen bedienen und nichts zurück geben. Ich will Möbel, Papier und am besten saubere Luft, also muss ich auch etwas dafür tun bzw. zurück geben.

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