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BeGreen beim Einkaufen

When shopping, unfortunately, too little attention is paid to economical or even avoidance of packaging. About 63% of the fruit and vegetables are prepackaged and one sometimes asks the question why. When it comes to berries, I still find it halfway understandable to offer them in a cardboard box made of waste paper. With apples or pears actually unnecessary, right?

When shopping you can drastically reduce the amount of waste with a few simple tricks - without much effort :)


Jute bags

or BASKETS can be reused over and over again. But they are also more resource-intensive to produce, so that, according to the German Environmental Aid, you have to use jute bags 25-32 times before they are more sustainable than a plastic bag.

Bread bag

For some time now I've always been taking cloth bags with me to the bakery. If you don't have the cloth bag with you, you can ask the baker to pack the rolls, pastries or bread in one instead of different bags. Very easily :)

Beeswax cloths

By the way, they are also great for wrapping bread or pieces and then keeping them fresh for a long time - natural and sustainable. I like beeswax cloths from beeskin very much so. The beeswax cloths last a long time (there is even a 1 year guarantee) and are of particularly high quality. In addition, the company is carbon neutral and they even offer repair kits.

Vegetable net

Particularly firm fruit and vegetables, but also mushrooms or tomatoes, are great to transport in nets made of fabric with holes.

By the way - you don't have to buy the little helpers from scratch. You can easily convert existing bags, cans or nets. By the way, a nice bread bag is also a great sustainable gift. And can be great together with you Tree given away will ;)

Do you know any other LESS-WASTE EQUIPMENT? Then write it in the comments. 


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