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Wir sind Baum-'Millionäre' geworden! | Impact-Report 2022

Dear Tree Friends,

Thanks to you, we made it: We have become tree-‘millionaires’ with more than 1 Million trees planted since our kick-off in 2020! That is a huge milestone that we could not have achieved without you in these short 18 months - and the connected impact is incredible. You can read all about our projects, our development and our impact in detail in our newly published Impact-Report 2022.

But let’s look at our journey till today:

“At the end of 2020, we kicked off, a positive impact business, because we wanted to do something tangible to tackle climate change. I have great respect for mother nature, but that is not enough - I see the urgency and opportunity for individuals and businesses to become multiplicators of positive impact. Therefore, we are driven to support companies in making a positive impact while utilizing their reach & sense of responsibility in  raising awareness towards securing a better future for our planet. By planting & gifting impact items such as trees for every anniversary, transaction, product sold, or contract signed, businesses and individuals become powerful advocates and multiplicators for positive change." 

Dijana Galijasevic, Founder & Co-CEO.

Since then, much has happened and our vision has become a reality! We branched out into the world and started planting trees in many different countries and amazing projects in  Tanzania, Syria, India, Madagascar and many more. We visited our partner projects, implemented our  GMT-Nachhaltigkeitsmethodologie and started working with CarbonSpace and Greenstand for the tracking of our trees and carbon impact. Also, we became part of great networks, like UN Global Compact & B.A.U.M. e.V. or the GreenTech Alliance.

Our social media community grew to more than  7.000 ambassadors and we have not only been present at many conferences like EcoLife, Neonyt or the Austrian Sustainability Summit, but have also been featured in different podcast and newspaper pieces. In April, we additionally launched our  Plastic offering  which enables individuals and companies to boost their impact on the Sustainable Development Goals by collecting plastics, thereby cleaning our planet, combating climate change and empowering communities. Here, we have also defined our Plastic Methodology with concrete sustainability requirements and processes. 

So much has been achieved, but most importantly: We have planted an incredible 1 Million trees!

What does the number of 1 Million trees mean? It means that more than ~22.000 tons of CO2 are being sequestered per year, year over year, more than ~ 10.000 days of work were provided in the Global South, more than ~ 1.500 hours of education were provided and ~ 5 million m² of land were restored. 

"People here love working in tree-planting. The work truly changes the communities and increases awareness for the importance of nature protection." 

Khalifa Mganga, Tree-planting Officer, Tanzania

So many lives and ecosystems have been improved! All of this would not have been possible without our hard-working tree planting partners and of course our community of individuals and businesses that identify climate change as one of the greatest challenges of our time and recognise that planting trees and investing into sustainable development can change the game. Over the past year we have inspired over 49.000 people, 270 companies, 17.500 people through companies and replaced 86.000 normal gifts with tree gifts. 

“We achieved this major milestone together with so many great people and companies who know how important sustainable engagement is for a better future, our planet, and all of us. Those 1 Million planted trees in the Global South are not only trees; they are powerful tools for sustainable development. By planting trees, we simultaneously support economic, ecological and social goals. The trees do not only improve soil and biodiversity, but they provide local communities, especially women, with income and education opportunities. The impact on these three levels is huge and we are super grateful about this incredible journey so far!”

Hannah Schragmann, Chief Transparency Officer.  

Your support has changed lives. We have had an incredibly impactful time so far and are looking forward to growing even further. Our planet continues to spin out of control with forest fires, floods and droughts occurring in all corners of the world. Reforestation alone will not stop climate change but it is a great first step towards a greener and brighter future. Let’s continue battling climate change and empower communities together!

From impact with love

Your Grow My Tree Team

Find out more about our impact:

Impact-Report | Juli 2022

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