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Wichtige Updates zu unseren Baumpflanzprojekten

Dear Grow My Tree Community,

As you might have already witnessed, the prices for tree bundles on our website have been increased recently. We would love to shed some light on the reasons behind this increase and hope to get your full support in our continued mission to create a positive impact on our planet.

Our decision to increase prices was made after careful consideration based on our experience in recent years and as a response to the changing global landscape.

As all activities, reforestation efforts are not immune to the significant shifts happening worldwide. Our pricing adjustments are driven by several important factors:

Economic Dynamics: : We have all seen prices rise in the last months due to inflation and disrupted global supply chains. These increasing costs across various sectors also affected our work in the Global South where we need to increase the financial contributions to our project partners to maintain the quality and effectiveness of our initiatives.

Environmental Challenges: In response to changing environmental challenges, we are reallocating resources to address pressing issues, including fire risk mitigation in Tanzania. This step ensures the safety of our planting sites and the well-being of the communities we serve. As the climate is changing and droughts are appearing more frequently, we are doing our best to collaborate with our partners to equip them with the resources needed to respond.

Holistic Impact: We always pursued a holistic approach, not just looking at the quantity of trees planted but at the restoration of whole ecosystems. Based on our experience in the last years, it is crucial to focus even more on comprehensive goals, such as biodiversity enhancement, soil health improvement, and the overall betterment of the communities involved. To do this sustainably, we want to double down on the collaboration with partner organizations and support them even more in their work.

Operational Costs: : The costs associated with nursery management have increased significantly. This adjustment enables us to continue providing healthy and resilient saplings.

At Impact Hero, our unwavering commitment to making the world a better place remains at the core of everything we do. Although we understand that the price increase might be challenging for some of you, we hope that you can see it as an important and good step towards creating even more value for our partner projects, the involved communities and ecosystems in the Global South.

These changes are not just important; they are essential to our continued mission. We value your support and collaboration in this journey and cannot wait to share more great updates from the impact created on the ground - thanks to the great support of all of you.

From trees with love,

The Impact Hero Team

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