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Für ein besseres Morgen – Unser Impact Report 2023

Dear Tree Friends, 

As we look back, it is clear that reflection is the key to growth. It is a time to celebrate our accomplishments, chart our successes, and plan for even greater impact in the future. 

Our 2023 Impact Report 2023 is now ready, and it is always a great experience to compile it – a reminder of all the hard work and progress since our last  Impact Report.

Our journey has grown and evolved, going beyond just tree planting to address a wider range of important issues. This year, we introduced Impact Hero, and with that implemented new impact products like plastic waste collection, biodiversity conservation, and coral restoration. Together, we're making a positive impact on our environment and local communities.

When discussing the concept of impact, it is important to highlight that we assess both our internal and external contributions:

Internal Impact: 

  1. Walking the Talk: We do not only advocate for environmental responsibility but also practice it. We have calculated our carbon footprint and taken steps to compensate for it by planting trees corresponding to this amount.  
  1. United with the UN: We proudly announce our partnership with the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, joining forces to foster a healthier planet. 
  1. Dedicated Team: We have a team of 14 full-time employees who are wholeheartedly committed to protecting our planet and guiding you on the same path. 
  1. The Brain Board: We have established a Brain Board comprised of brilliant expert minds dedicated to driving innovation and sustainability in our projects.

External Impact: 

  1. Partnerships which raise awareness: We have collaborated with more than 450 companies, collectively inspiring over 42,000 individuals to join the cause. Together, we have transformed over 90,000 traditional gifts into tree gifts.
  1. Growing Community: Our social media community has grown to over 16,000 members, and we have 8+ mentions in prominent media outlets. Follow us on LinkedinInstagram and join our community.  
  1. The Impact in Numbers: We love some good old key statistics so you can see all the work you have helped us achieve. We have currently planted 2.1 million trees, have more than 15 new sites established, and our projects in India have been scaled up. The trees planted resulted in a potential of 46,200 tonnes of CO2 sequestered, 21,000 hours of work provided, 3,150 days of education provided, and 10 million square meters of forest restored.
  1. Beyond Trees: Since our launch of Impact Hero and the introduction of our new impact products, our efforts this year have transcended the scope of tree planting.  

We have taken strides, such as replanting 80 coral fragments in Indonesia, and providing valuable support to local fishermen in safeguarding these crucial reefs. Additionally, we have successfully removed over 5,000 kg of plastic waste from our environment, saving the equivalent of 250,000 plastic bottles from polluting our world. Furthermore, our contributions have played a significant role in protecting 3 million square meters of the Amazon rainforest, an area equivalent to 422 football fields of pristine nature.

See more details in our Impact Report 2023

While we celebrate these achievements, we acknowledge much work to do. Natural disasters due to climate change have been destroying our environment and livelihoods.  

There is no better time to plant more trees, protect existing ecosystems, and clean up the mess in the world. And you know what? You can all be a part of it. 

And you know what? You can all be a part of it.


Together, we can shape a greener, brighter, and more sustainable future for all.

With gratitude and determination,

The GROW MY TREE by Impact Hero team

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