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Ein Jahr ist vorbei - Zeit zur Reflektion: Impact-Report | November 2021

Dear Tree Friends,

After one year of operations, it’s time to reflect. Our Impact Report for the 2020 - 2021 season is finally here and we are excited to share with you the lasting differences we have made together as a community. 

Over the past year GROW MY TREE has branched out into the world, starting with setting our roots as a company and being founded in October ‘20 in Germany. We launched our B2C channel and just one month later our first trees were planted in the ground. Four months after that we launched our B2B channel and subscription plans, leading to our first big planting milestone of 100,000 trees in June ‘21. This past month we have established more than 100 business partners that are working with us to integrate tree planting into their business. We have proudly joined the UN Global Compact & B.A.U.M. e.V. and have officially become a GmbH. So much has happened in the past year but this is only just the beginning as we want to achieve far more in the future!

Some key statistics that we can take from our Impact Report include that since the launch of our ever growing community we have planted over  300.000 trees. This means that more than  6.600 tons of CO2 are being sequestered per year, year over year, more than  3000 days of work were provided in the Global South, more than  450 hours of education were provided and  1.5 million m² of land were restored

All of this would not have been possible without our hard-working tree planting partners and of course our community of individuals and businesses that identify climate change as one of the greatest challenges of our time and recognise that planting trees can change the game. Over the past year we have  inspired over 33.000 people, 100 companies, 13.000 people through companies and replaced 45.500 normal gifts with tree gifts

Your support has changed lives. We have had an incredibly impactful year and are looking forward to growing even further. Our planet continues to spin out of control with forest fires, floods and droughts occurring in all corners of the world. Reforestation alone will not stop climate change but it is a great first step towards a greener and brighter future. Let’s continue battling climate change together!

From trees with love,

Your Grow My Tree Team

Find out more about our impact:

Impact Report | November 2021




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