Sustainability for companies

Would you like your company to make an effective contribution to climate and environmental protection? Send your sustainability message! We'll help you go green.

With the help of GROW MY TREE, you can offer customers the opportunity to plant trees in every email or check-out process. This way, your company fulfills to its corporate social responsibility and sends a clear sustainability message. 

Your company communicates its green commitment - we'll do the rest!

And this is how it works:

  • We will create a GROW MY TREE site for your company with your own corporate identity:
  • Email signature with your GROW MY TREE message: Plant trees!
  • Your customer or business partner plants one or more trees with just a few clicks
  • With our white label solution, your customer connects their green experience with your company

You will receive the GROW MY TREE partner logo

As an official partner of Grow My Tree, you as a company will receive our partner logo which you can use for your website to communicate your green commitment to your customers.

Do you want to do more?

We also offer individual packages and accompany your gogreen project.

To see how we can best collaborate, please fill out this short assessment to understand your needs better - we will contact you shortly and look forward to our collaboration!